International Premium Financing Associates

The low cost, low risk way to increase your income, reduce your taxes and protect the people you love.

We'll Help You

Protect your family and provide you greater financial security than you ever thought possible.

We’ll Use

Proven and tested programs to protect and preserve your business and estate, provide tax-free retirement income and provide generously for the nonprofit organizations you care about most.

We’ll Save You Money

If you qualify, your benefits are likely to be much greater while your out-of-pocket costs are likely to be much lower than you’re currently paying.

International Premium Financing Associates (IPFA) offers tested and proven programs that enable our Clients to lower their taxes, maximize their wealth, protect their loved ones, preserve and protect their estate; attract and maintain key employees; and provide a substantial and growing revenue stream to the charity, school, church or cause they choose to support.

Premium Financing, one of the most powerful yet inexpensive tools you probably never heard of . . .

In less than five minutes we’re going to demonstrate four innovative programs that could protect and preserve your estate, provide you and your family a tax-free retirement, help your business attract and retain the most qualified employees and help you build a legacy to your favorite nonprofit, charity or local church or temple while providing millions of dollars in additional tax-free income to your beneficiaries.


At IPFA™ our solutions are anything but “typical” because the results we deliver are substantial. IPFA is a cooperative company. We work with the financial advisors you already trust. We do not replace them.