Attracting and keeping your most valuable employees
If your business isn’t attracting the highest quality employees and providing a compensation and benefit plan that assures your key employees remain loyal and focused on achieving the goals you set, whether or not you realize it, you’re in for a big shock.

Sooner or later, and most likely at a time when it’s most damaging to your business, a key employee will accept a tempting offer from another company. That would be bad enough but in your nightmare scenario, that offer may come from your closest competitor. Business owners don’t sleep very well at night when that happens.

In today’s market, just paying a salary that’s a bit higher than your competitors isn’t much of an incentive for quality prospects to join your company, and most benefit programs don’t provide enough benefits to prevent your key employees from keeping at least one eye open for greener pastures.

Do your employees view their position as a job or a career?
Loyalty is a very difficult attribute to measure. Offers come and offers go. Sometimes key people go with them. Employing some one size fits all strategy believing you can retain employees with a few enticing benefits and then crossing your fingers they won’t leave for a perceived better opportunity, isn’t a real Strategy… it’s little more than wishful thinking.

The more professional and assured way to increase the likelihood of attracting the best people and keeping them for longer periods of time is to offer them our unique Prestige Strategy retirement package.

Providing your employees with an individualized Prestige Employee Retention Plan is a benefit your employees will appreciate and won’t find anywhere else. Because this plan is an off-cycle benefit, you can offer it to your employees at any time during the year. With tax-free withdrawals and no premium checks, your employees will be grateful to have a retirement package that offers them high-value benefits reassuring them you value them as high-value employees.

By utilizing our cash value crediting method we can lock in market gains and provide against market losses so your employees can feel confident they will be receiving a substantially higher average return over any long-term period than most investors would normally receive by investing in the stock market.

Our proven conservative strategies will benefit your employees no matter what direction the stock market takes.
No business is better than its employees. With the IPFA Program your business will be able to attract the best and keep them productive and loyal for a greater period of time. By offering your key employees the Prestige Strategy as a way to finance their future, you’ll be protecting and assuring your company’s future as well.