IPFA’s Premium Financed Life Insurance

The following are just a small sample of the thousands of satisfied people, businesses and nonprofit organizations that have benefitted by using Premium Financed Life Insurance Programs to maximize their wealth, lower their taxes and enjoy a more financially secure future tor themselves and their families.

Charitable Giving

“I have been giving money to charity for many years and it just became a lot easier due to the premium financed structure I have implemented. I am now able to provide more than ever to my favorite foundation. The best part is, I am not having to donate from my growing assets.”

~ Jacob L., Retired CEO, Manufacturing

Estate Planning

“I have spent the past 32 years building my company and creating a sizable net worth. I have implemented my estate plan using premium financed life insurance and my out of pocket costs were very little versus paying for life insurance premiums from free cash. I wish I had been proactive years ago and implemented my estate plan using financed life insurance. My structure has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars already.”

~ Ron H., Owner of civil engineering firm employing over 60 Employees

Tax Free Income

“The tax-free income structure that I have implemented using premium financed life insurance is the best retirement plan I have. As a wealthy businessman, I have very few options to grow money and be able to receive tax-free income later in life. I have been able to build a very large account value using the bank’s money. I have referred many of my affluent friends to this concept and am very excited the future of tax-free income.”

~ Allen K., Owner of mortgage company Seattle, WA


“I have used a premium financed life insurance structure to fund our company’s buy/sell plan. We have four owners and we were funding our plan with term life insurance at an annual cost of over $12,000 per year. By implementing the premium financed life insurance plans, we will save in excess of $225,000 over the next 20 years. The long- term difference in cost is incredible.”

~ Don R., Contractor