Premium Financed Life Insurance

Pretty much everyone knows and understands how life insurance works but very few people including many experienced life insurance agents are familiar with premium-financed life insurance even though these programs have been around for more than forty years. This is because until recently, only high net worth individuals and families qualified.

With IPFA programs, you still have to be wealthy to qualify… just not extremely wealthy. Each program has a different financial qualification but if you earn at least $100,000 annually, you can now qualify for a premium-financed life insurance policy. And, if you have substantial net worth, we offer additional programs that provide even greater financial benefits at minimum cost with very low risk.

How the Program Works

Basically, a premium financed program works exactly the same way as regular life insurance except instead of you paying the premiums, we supply a nationally known bank to pay the premiums which allows you to obtain a much greater level of insurance at a much lower cost, thus providing additional protections for your family and those you wish to provide for after you die.

By participating in this program, you leverage the bank’s money to build a much larger estate in a shorter period of time with substantially less out-of-pocket cost than it would normally cost for a much smaller policy.

Stated more simply, if you’re an entrepreneur and have a substantial net worth, you can qualify for a much larger insurance policy than your lowest paid employees and your out-of-pocket cost will be substantially less than they would be required to pay for a lesser benefit.

How is this possible?

Because no life insurance policy has ever failed to pay the beneficiaries, the bank paying the premium isn’t taking any risk. The bank is merely making a loan at a low rate of interest and when the insured dies, the bank gets repaid for the loan plus all accrued interest.

Who Can Benefit?

Our programs are specifically designed to benefit business owners and wealthy individuals. In addition, we also have programs that benefit all nonprofit organizations including schools, charities, churches and causes.

Getting Started Is Easy As 1-2-3 and There Are No Upfront Costs or Obligations

First, start by determining what your financial objectives are to protect your family. Do you want to preserve your estate, create a tax free asset, attract and maintain key employees or support your favorite charity, school, church, cause or nonprofit organization?

Second, watch one of IPFA’s short videos that explains the program that meets your objective, learn how the program benefits you and what the qualifications are for you to participate.

Third, contact us for a no cost, no obligation friendly discussion of your situation. Each of our licensed agents is trained to be helpful andto never employ high-pressure sales tactics. Our primary job is to educate. Once we do, we have confidence you’ll make the right decision.

Everyone is different so we’ll create a specific program tailored to meet your specific needs.

That’s it. You decide what’s best for you and we’ll complete the paperwork.
We told you it was easy! The next step is up to you. Please call for a no cost, no obligation professional analysis. This analysis will answer all your questions and demonstrate exactly how you can benefit prior to your making any decisions or signing any documents.