The Company has assembled a team of highly accomplished individuals with backgrounds in premium financed life insurance program, revenue enhancement, marketing, finance, management and fundraising for nonprofit organizations.

Each of the Company’s top executives has a proven track record of success in their respective fields. Further, and perhaps most important, they are all dedicated to work together as a team dedicated to finding and creating innovative programs that exceed Client objectives.

Howard Silverstein, VP, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Silverstein is a CPA with an extensive background in accounting and financial consulting. His expertise includes system design, cost controls, financial analysis, due diligence planning for mergers and acquisitions and tax planning.

Over the years, as an in-house accountant and owner of his own CPA firm, Howard has worked with a wide range of business and groups in numerous fields including: product, service, entertainment and non profit organizations.

He is an expert at integrating accounting and IT systems and preparation of tax documents on a local, state and national level.

Mr. Silverstein is a true war hero. He was a Captain in the USAF and earned a Bronze Star for Search and Rescue during the Vietnam conflict.

He earned his BS Degree from UCLA in Accounting and then went on to earn an MBA from the University of Utah, Wiesbaden, Germany. In 1979, Howard earned his CPA in California.

Howard is an accomplished teacher and has taught courses in Business Psychology, Organizational Theory, Accounting, Finance and Marketing. He taught at the following institutions: University of Maryland, Germany and Ethiopia (on military bases), UCLA, Santa Monica Community College, El Camino College and Los Angeles Pierce College. In addition, he has given many lectures on taxes and general business courses.

David Crump, VP Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Crump has worked in all aspects of the Internet for nearly 20 years and provides a wide range of experience from site concept and design all the way through to execution. He is that rare technician who understands that a web site’s function must be based on sound marketing principles in order to maximize the best possible consumer experience. He worked as CTO for various Internet startups as well as being the senior webmaster for large companies such as Belkin where he built the Company’s web site that enabled this $400,000,000+ company to sell hundreds of thousands of products to millions of people throughout the world.

Mr. Crump’s knowledge, contacts and experience extend beyond our shores as he also runs outsourcing companies for technology in countries such as Russia and China and currently has a fully staffed office in the Philippines that can perform every service from programming and design to data entry, all of which are immediately available to REW enabling us to expand the Company’s ULTRAstore and Galleria as quickly as possible at the lowest possible cost.

His past accomplishments include being the CTO for ETV where he developed a video streaming system that ran at less than one-tenth of the cost of similar systems but was still able to stream to millions of users simultaneously.

He also worked for Velocitycat as CTO where he designed a video player that was able to successfully outperform competitive models including the industry leading REAL Player.

Prior to joining REW, Mr. Crump worked for Dogma Studios as Director of Online Development where he managed all aspects of Dogma’s, and Dogma’s clients’ online presence from site design, custom programming, video delivery, and marketing.

Dr. Pamela Forbes, National Scholarship Director

Dr. Forbes has a Masters in Special Education and a PhD in Leadership Education. She spent several years teaching and loved the challenge of facilitating learning in the classroom. Her hands-on experience with students has led to a number of expanded achievements in educational administration. Dr. Forbes has used her leadership skills to facilitate organizational change for over fifteen years. She is listed in the 2003 edition of International WHOS WHO of Professional Management and in 2008 was named Woman of the Year for Community and Professional Achievement.

During that time Dr. Forbes worked with an organization covering eight states in the southeast identifying key components and outlining the specific actions for these components to facilitate major reforms. As a result, a specifically tailored tool was developed for performance evaluations and future adaptations. Dr. Forbes has also worked personally with individuals and systems to effectively develop and establish new innovative models for change within the educational system.

She loves working with people and finds great joy in helping them reach their full potential through the change process. Presently, Dr. Forbes is authoring the soon-to-be-released book, The Forbes Way: How to Lead Based upon Integrity, Innovation, and Ingenuity.

Dr. Forbes is excited to join Revenue Enhancement Worldwide in order to bring its innovative National Scholarship & Betterment Program to the financial aid of both students and schools all across America. She firmly believes that by positively affecting one individual we can have a positive affect on all individuals.

Dr. Forbes is anxious to present REW’s Scholarship & Betterment Program to her colleagues across the country as she continues her life-long passion to help as many students as possible develop to their highest levels of achievement knowing that none will be left behind due to a lack of financial opportunities.


Dr. Frederick Cardin, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Cardin’s contributions have been invaluable in helping REW shape key financial and marketing programs but we expect his greatest contribution will come when he and Dr. Forbes help REW launch its UltraPERX Scholarship and Betterment Program.

Dr. Rick Cardin is Director of Cambridge Strategy Group, LLC, where he advises clients on building their businesses through strategy, financing and marketing. He typically participates in the equity of its clients and is actively involved in helping them to set and reach their goals. Dr. Cardin brings expertise and experience in creative financing, marketing, strategic planning, business development and franchising across a range of industries.

Dr. Cardin authored the book Conflict of Interest in Securities, which formed the basis for a lobbying campaign leading to structural changes in the securities industry. He wrote a book on recommended Federal recycling policy for the Environmental Protection Agency. The study’s surprising conclusion changed their plans regarding recycling. He is co-author of Trends Affecting the US Healthcare System, Print Your Own Money and Bootstrap Biz Owner: How to Buy or Start a Business with Little or None of Your Own Cash.

Dr. Cardin serves on the Board of Directors or Advisors of the following clean technology companies: ProOne, Xtreme Green, AIP Global Solutions, ECO Products Group, and Global Green Advanced Technologies. He is also on the Boards of Claros Communications, offering cutting edge medical technology and KESDEE, the world’s leading provider of e-learning for finance professionals.

Dr. Cardin served on the Board of Advisors RPost, a cutting edge provider of Registered Email. He recently completed six years of service on the Board of Directors, and as Chairman of the Governance and Audit Committees, of Whitney Information Network, a public company. During his tenure Whitney was the nation’s largest business opportunity mailer and a seminar industry leader with over 400,000 student registrations annually. Whitney conducts the Rich Dad Poor Dad seminars around the country. Dr. Cardin recently chaired a Special Committee whose actions led to major structural and managerial changes and to an endorsement of his service by Risk Metrics / Institutional Shareholder Services.

Dr. Cardin’s lecture and publication topics include: corporate, investment, and international finance; strategic planning; franchising; entrepreneurship; management; M&A; consulting; health care economics; and environmental economics.

Dr. Cardin has been a Director of the Cambridge Research Institute, a strategic planning consulting firm in Cambridge, MA. Other Directors included Department Chairmen at Harvard Business School, a former Secretary of the Air Force, and a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and Fellow of the Hoover Institution. As a Director, he took primary responsibility for marketing, development, and management of the firm’s largest and most profitable projects. He built international business from zero into a major profit center and contributed significantly to the firm’s 300% growth during the period.

At the Cambridge Research Institute, he led strategic analyses of the computer and telecommunications industries for two of the largest companies in the world. The analyses were used for litigation support and strategic planning. For Volares Industriales (now FEMSA), a diversified conglomerate and the largest private employer in Mexico, he advised a successful strategic direction counter to the prevailing wisdom and consulted on the structure of the Board of Directors and the top management group. For the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Dr. Cardin’s research led to improvements in the strategic planning process and a national series of lectures and seminars to implement the improvements. He also designed a series of educational programs aimed at improving the performance of the Hospital Financing Division’s massive financing portfolio through better evaluation of hospital operations and loan approvals. This also led to a series of nationwide seminars.

Dr. Cardin was the Founder, Chairman, CEO and CFO of the publicly traded foodservice franchiser, O! Deli. He led the company to a national presence with over fifty franchises before selling out to Pacific Equities. At O! Deli, Dr. Cardin directed the franchising and going public processes and developed the real estate program that allowed the company to secure first class locations in the tallest buildings in San Francisco, San Diego, Minneapolis, Miami, and Orlando. This company was featured in a favorable Inc. magazine article, “Anatomy of a Start-up: In Search of the Perfect Business.”

Dr. Cardin held a faculty appointment in International Finance at the Harvard Business School, where he developed cases and teaching materials on speculation, arbitrage, and hedging in foreign exchange.

Dr. Cardin has directed a number of other consulting engagements. He advised Travelers Insurance to enter the market-making business twenty years before their acquisition of Solomon. He was consultant to the Chairman of the Board of the Wall Street wholesale firm, Weeden and Company. Dr. Cardin advised the Army Corps of Engineers on strategic planning in the face of a need to seriously re-evaluate their mission. He advised a client on a study of the psychological aspects of U.S./Japanese trade negotiations.

Dr. Cardin earned his MBA with distinction and his Doctorate in Finance from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. He earned a BA in Economics, summa cum laude, from Tufts University, where he fulfilled degree requirements in Economics, Math, and Astronomy, minoring in Physics. He was the first Chairman of the Financial Council formed to administer all student activities funds and wrote an unrequired thesis on achieving capital gains in the stock market. He was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

For relaxation, Dr. Cardin reads widely. He produced and photographed the film short, Walden, now in educational distribution.


The Company is fortunate to have been able to attract a group of highly talented and experienced executives that can provide guidance in the areas of insurance, wealth management, finance, marketing and business management. In addition, our Board has numerous high-level contacts that could help us introduce our innovative, low risk and lucrative programs and strategies to a large number of organizations to provide the funding they need to continue to serve their individual communities.

Captain Leonard ‘Len’ Kaine

Veterans and Armed Services Advisor Captain Leonard “Len” Kaine is a “real deal” Navy Top Gun Fighter Pilot. He began life as an unassuming coal miner’s kid with a public high school education. But with high motivation and dedication, he was able to serve his nation with distinction earning two Combat Distinguished Flying Crosses, Seven Combat Air Medals, two Navy Commendation Medals with Combat V (Valor); Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon, National Defense Medal with one Bronze Star, Vietnam Service Medal with three Bronze Stars; a Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with Device and a ‘Command at Sea’ Star.

Two days before his 18th birthday, Len enlisted, and was given a series of tests. He nailed the exams. In a matter of months he was whisked off to flight training at NAS Pensacola FL as a Naval Aviation Cadet. Upon completion, and still a teen, he was commissioned as an Ensign.

After receiving his Naval Aviator Wings, Len was ordered to NAS Oceana and then assigned to Fighter Squadron 61 flying the F3 Demon. Two years later, Len was the only Aviator in the squadron chosen to upgrade to the F8 Crusader—the first Navy fighter to exceed 1000 MPH!

In 1959, he finished in the top 10% of all F8 Crusader graduates and was sent to VF-84 at NAS Oceana. In that same year his air to air gunnery skills earned him the title as the East Coast “Top Gun” pilot and a month later, the All Navy F8 “Top Gun” pilot.

For five months in 1960, VF-84 was deployed to Rota Spain. During that time Len was the Skipper’s wingman performing the Blue Angel air show through Spain, southern France and northern Italy and for the Sixth Fleet Flagship in the Mediterranean.

Beginning in April 1961, Len was assigned a three-year tour as an F8 Fighter Pilot Instructor in Jacksonville, Florida. Being conversant in French, he was also selected as an instructor for the first four French Naval Aviators to be trained in the F8. While there, he also set a modern day Navy flight record in air combat maneuvering by flying six different aircraft types in two days. His combat tactics manual later became the primer for the Navy’s “Top Gun School”.

In June 1964, Len was a Navigator of USS Enterprise “The Big E” as part of the first Nuclear Powered Task Force to circumnavigate the globe unreplenished.

He narrated Fire-Power Flight Demonstrations for the Heads of 22 countries in French, Spanish and English.

In August 1966, Len completed F4 Phantom training in VF-121 at NAS Miramar with the highest grades ever assigned, “according to its CO, CDR Scott Lamoreaux.”

As the conflict with Vietnam escalated in 1966, Len flew in VF 92 with Air Wing 9 back aboard “The Big E”. She was the first nuclear-powered carrier to engage in air combat over North Vietnam. Len served as the ‘Fighter Tactics Training Officer’ and ushered in the modernized, three dimensional “Thach Weave”, originally developed during WWII by Commander ‘Jimmy Thach’. As life often shows it’s a small world, one day in Coronado, Len met his neighbor, retired Admiral ‘Jimmy’ Thach.

Len flew a total of 103 combat missions during 132 days in combat. Because of his special attributes in teaching and training other pilots, VF 92 was one of a handful of squadrons that did not lose a single plane in combat.Len received the highest number of VF-92 combat nominations.

Another “Attaboy” was when USAF Colonel Robin Olds and his vice commander, Colonel Daniel ‘Chappie’ James, made a trip to the “Big E” for a combat briefing with Air Wing Aviators. Len was asked to join them during a special, semi-private fighter tactics discussion in VF-92’s Ready Room. It was a fine meeting with Robin Olds, who had been a Triple Ace in WWII. He integrated Len’s Navy tactics into his USAF combat program.

Following his second combat deployment to North Vietnam, Len left active duty. In October of 1967, Len joined the Reserves as combat tactics instructor of VA-772’s A4s at NAS Los Alamitos, CA.

Other assignments and accomplishments include:
~ Mar 1969 XO & CO of VF-22L1, the first F4s at Los Alamitos.
~ Nov 1970 CO of RTU-301 F8s NAS Miramar.
~ Jan 1972 CO VF-301 F8s Miramar. During this assignment, VF-301 won every award available as the Top Navy Crusader Fighter Squadron.
~ Jul 1973 Air Wing Commander, CVW-321 NAS Miramar.
~ Jan 1975 Staff Officer, NAS North Island.
~ Apr 1977 Youngest Naval officer promoted to Captain.
~ Jan 1980 – Retired in Coronado with 432 Carrier Landings and over 4000 military flight hours.