You can now stop worrying about how that huge inheritance tax is going to be paid to Uncle Sam without causing pain to your family or business partners. IPFA’s Prestige Estate Planning Strategy, using premium-financed life insurance policies will protect your estate, reduce the burden on your family, prevent disruption to your business, especially if you have partners (they need this program as well to protect your interests should their death precede yours) and
give you peace of mind and security knowing that you’ve taken all the right steps to get maximum benefit at minimum cost in protecting your heirs.

Assigning next-in-line ownership to your possessions is stressful.
Deciding who gets the cars, the house, the heirlooms and the rest of your estate can create tension and strain a family’s dynamic. Despite having to make some difficult or unpleasant choices, estate planning is an important and necessary duty to protect your family, your business partners and possibly to also provide for your church or temple or a charity, school or other nonprofit you want to support after your death.

The last thing you should worry about while making difficult inheritance decisions is burdening your family with taxes.
You want to leave your loved ones with your estate, not a high-cost estate tax liability to pay the government.

Our experienced agent will help you set up a plan to finance the cost of these taxes so your family and other people and organizations you care about will not have to pay them. Your heirs will get 100% of their inheritance and they will be spared the burden of having to make difficult decisions at a time that is emotionally stressful.

IPFA’s Planning Strategy provides benefits you won’t get with any other plan
IPFA uses a proven strategy that employs premium-financed life insurance provided only by A or A+ carriers and we provide a nationally known bank that pays the premiums on the policy so you can enjoy peace of mind while protecting your estate while still being able to receive tax-free withdrawals.

By utilizing our cash value crediting method we can lock in market gains and provide against market losses to ensure our clients receive a substantially higher average return over any long-term period than most investors would normally receive by investing in the stock market. This method ensures that your family won’t have to worry about paying any taxes on their inheritance because the policy will be used to pay the taxes that will be required so you can rest easy
knowing that your family will be provided for no matter what direction
the stock market takes.

We recognize that planning an inheritance program is stressful.
IPFA’s Planning Strategy makes the process a lot less stressful because our clients know they are maximizing their benefits while reducing their out-of-pocket expenses.