Congratulations! You’ve arrived at that point in your life when you’ve achieved a level of success that covers not only your needs but also your desires. You own a nice home, live a comfortable lifestyle, have a sizable retirement fund and provided generously for your children.

But have you created a legacy? Sure, over the years you’ve given to various charities, supported your church or temple, maybe even sent a donation to a hospital or your alma mater but “Was it significant?” “Did it make a real difference and one that gave you some recognition for your effort and sacrifice?”

What if there were a program where you could make a real difference… where you could make a major contribution to any charity, cause, church, temple, school, hospital or other nonprofit or your choice… in a significant and growing amount… while you’re alive and also after you die… and what if you could achieve this without it costing you a single dollar now or reducing your estate

Would you be interested in learning more? It would be foolish and selfish not to and if you’ve read this far, your neither foolish nor selfish.

The IPFA Charitable Giving Program
Let’s start by stating emphatically… there will be zero out-of-pocket cost to participants. That means no cost to you now, no cost to your estate later and no cost ever. Here’s how it works.

If you qualify, and sorry not everyone will, all you have to do is agree to allow the nonprofit of your choosing to obtain a life insurance naming the institution as the beneficiary. If you qualify and agree, at an absolute minimum, the organization will get:

$25,000 per year for the first five years; then
$50,000 per year for the next five years; then
$100,000 per year for the rest of your life; then
An additional $3,500,000 after you die

All this at zero out-of-pocket to you but, as they say on TV, “Wait, there’s more.”

In addition, your beneficiaries will also receive an additional $3,500,000.

Now that’s the way to build a legacy and care for your loved ones at the same time.

OK, now that we have your attention, we have to mention the qualifications and discuss how the program works.

First, to qualify, you must have a net worth of $5,000,000 and an income of $300,000. Your net worth can include your home, business, vehicles, furniture, artwork, jewelry, real estate, stocks, bonds and other securities, etc.

Second, your income could include salary, bonuses, dividends and other sources of income even including alimony.

If you qualify, IPFA will arrange through one of our experienced and licensed insurance professionals to develop a life insurance policy issued by an A or A+ rated insurance carrier and then arrange for a major nationally known bank or financial institution to pay all the premiums. This will be considered a loan by the bank and the bank will use the policy as collateral for the loan so you will never have any out-of-pocket costs to participate in the program.

The insurance carrier make the annual payments to the nonprofit you wish to support and then after you die, the proceeds from the policy will be used to repay the bank for the loan and interest and also pay both $3,500,000 benefit payments to the nonprofit and your beneficiaries.

We know this program sounds almost too good to be true and that’s why we invite you and any of your trusted financial advisors to speak with one of our licensed insurance professionals.

Once you fully understand how simply this programs works and how beneficial it can be to your favorite nonprofit and your beneficiaries, you’ll want to join scores of other smart and caring individuals who created their lasting legacy.

PLEASE click here to schedule a personal consultation to learn more about IPFA’s Charitable Giving Plan.

There’s simply no better way to protect your family, help people in need and build a lasting legacy